The character sheet i designed for Survival is pretty unique, it is completely custom and not based on anything else out there.
The Data on the sheet has been organized in such a way as to provide quick access to all the information.

The first page has the key information that will be accessed the most.
I have a through physical description as well as the normal physical attributes on the first page.

The first section is the Profile.

Character Details: This box will allow you to sketch your character if you like.

Character Name: This should always be something realistic. People wouldn't be named "Mike Murderer" or SATAN. It has to be a believable name. Now with the different cultures of aliens worlds the names don't have to be earthly, but they have to realistic all in all.





Alignment: This is a very important part of any character. The Alignment is basically what governs the characters actions. If they are noble, greed driven, or a true insane sadist.

Rank: This portion only applies if the character works for some government of military branch that gives such titles. That means someone couldn't proclaim themselves a general. They actually need the title.

Class: This is the single most important part of the character. The class dictates his life style, tenancies and goal. Without the class the character would be just some guy trying to make it in my game.

Level: This is the character's experience level. It rates how much actual field knowledge they have. You can view the Experience Level Table by clicking Here Also See Experience Points (below)

Occupation: This isn't very important. Most characters in my game are free lance mercenaries of some kind, but it is possible to hold a legitimate job. Now this occupation should be realistic.

Education Level: This is an extremely important portion as skills make a large part of my game. The Education Level determines how many skills a character receives. The HTML version of my skills list under way. The original list is some what massive and unorganized. But the new version will be categorized and alphabetized. Click Here for the Education Levels, and click Here for the skills. Both soon to be revised.

Experience Points: For each difficult or creative task a character completes he is awarded Experience Points. Experience is expositional and accumulative. For each level of experience a certain amount of experience points are needed. Click Here for the Experience point table.

Wealth: This is the amount of valuable items the character has. This means includes money, gems, goats, or whatever.


Aliases: This is the character's "code name" or call sign. His AKA, or Also Known As. Something like Cobra, or Tallman. You don't have an AKA at all. Its your choice, its your character.

Race: One of the finer details of the character. Race is what type of race the character is, whether is be mutant, Kreed, or Robot.

Age: This is the physical age of the character. It should always coincide with the education level, you can't have someone with advanced degrees in astro physics and be 17 years old.

Sex: this is the sexual gender of the character, i shouldn't have to describe this further.

Height and Weight: This is the characters physical height and weight.

Eyes and Hair: This space is for the color of the eyes and the length and color of the hair.

Checks: The way the check system works is really simple. The GM will make a roll on a percentile (d100) against the check value the character has. If the GM roll is greater, then the character fails the check. Typically this is bad for the character.

Knockout: If the character recieves a heavy blow to the head, or an NPC or other player rolls a natrual 20, the characher must make a knockout check, a failure will leave the character unconscious for d6 turns.

Deception: This check is used when the character is trying to lie to another player or NPC. Failure of this check results in people not believing his lie.

Magic: Rarely used in this game, this is used against magical attacks.

Perception: This check determines the character's ability to notice things and catch information that might otherwise be hidden. Such as the glare of a sniper's scope or an opened window.

Physical Feat: This check determines the character's ability to perform extraordinary physical feats such as leaping from building to building or smashing through a door. A failure of this check can be painful and embarassing.

Poisons or Toxins: This check determines the character's ability to fight off poisons or toxins, failure with this check means the poison does its intended damage.



The Bonus section is the heart of the combat system in Survival RPG. The player always has an active roll in what's going on which his character in a combat situation. The character is able to modify his attacks and evasion moves based on these bonuses, which are determined by attributes and level. The way in which the bonuses work is simple. During combat a d20 is rolled, and the bonus is applied to that roll. See the how to play section for more details.

The Physical Attributes are for the most part based on a scale of 100, so checks can be easily be made with a percentile. At the time of initial character creation, after special abilities and skill bonuses are added in, characters may add additional bonuses from the bonus table.

Physical Strength: This is a numeric table I created to rate the maximum weight limit of characters. Click Here The strength table stops at 250. Now this is an insane amount of might for sure, but strength table is infinite. Anything past 200 should be considered epic, damage for any strength past 200 is actually multiplied by a factor of 10.

Physical Endurance: The physical endurance is based on a scale of 100, the higher your endurance, the more body points you have and the longer you can exhert youself.

Physical Beauty: Beauty is many things to many people. some will try to argue that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, shut up. You try making a table which includes everyone's opinion on beauty. Physical beauty is based on a scale of 100. 1 being nasty ugly, and 100 being like some kind of supermodel.

Intelligence: The intelligence is based on the same scale as the Intelligence Quotient system (IQ) used to determine intelligence today. Its simple to use and people instantly identify with it. The average intelligence for the 28th century is 160.

Mental Endurance: The mental endurance is used to determine how much mental stress the character can endure before the breaking point. Its based on a scale of 100. And checks are rolled with a d100.

Charisma: The charisma is the characters ability to interact with other people. (NPCs and PCs) Its basically the affinity. It too is based on a scale of 100, with checks rolled with d100.

Agility: This is the character's flexibility. How agile they are. Its based on a scale of 100.

Speed: This is the actual speed in mile per hour the character can run in full sprent. to maintain this a check is rolled against their physical endurance.

The damage section of the character sheet provides quick access to most kinds of physical attack damage.

The Weapons Bonus is an additional amount of damage that is applied to any hand held melee weapon such as a sword or night stick.

The health section contains all the body and armor points, as well as their point distrobution. It also has details about force fields and other defense systems.

Body Points: This field contains the total overall body points. This number will be based on the Physical Endurance.

Armor Type: The Armor Type will be either Non-Environmental or Environmental.

Armor Points: This field contains the total overall armor points.

Shield Type: The Armor Type will be what kind of material the shield is made of..

Shield Points: This field contains the total overall shield points.

Force Field Type: The force field type will either Non-Environmental or Environmental and what level the device is.

Force Field Points: The armor points of a force field are determined by what level the device is, that figure is listed here.

Regeneration: If regeneration is present.

ADM: This is the level for the Autonomous Defense Module.

ADM Bonus: This number is termined by the level of the ADM, this bonus roll is applied as a parry when defending yourself from attackers who have more attacks per turn than you.

Skills: The very heart of survival is the ability to master many skills and use them in game play, there is a skills list that has all the skills, and based on your education you may choose what you would like. Additionally there are skill packs to make skill selection and bonus calculation quick and painless.
Weapons: Here's where weapons go, find the list here.
Special Abilities: This section is reserved mainly for mutants and aliens, but other characters can have special abilities too.
Equipment and supplies: This is a list of the character's Equipment and supplies. You may view the list here.
Notes: This is here for the character keep notes. Like the names of contacts, and informants. Or a place to keep track of enemies, the back of this page is also quite useful for this.


Copyright © 2009 Charles Bird.